10 Simple Life Hacks to Make you Look Cool! (VOL.1)

1. Disagree with everything other people say. Being a contrarian is always cool, “No it isn’t!” See, easy as punch.
2. When in a public space yell your opinions really loudly, definitely over the music. The more people that hear your awesome thoughts and opinions, the more cool you will be.
3. When you see someone you know, point and wink. For more advanced Cool-ers, use 2 fingers and do a gun like motion and go, “Bang Bang”.
4. Don’t look both ways before crossing, safety is for losers.
5. Break down the types of shots and techniques used in any T.V. show or movie you’re watching.
6. Speak gregariously about plans that you intend to make, the less feasible the better. Don’t worry about doing any of these things, just keep making more to keep those around you distracted.
7.  Point out spelling and grammatical errors  in other people’s social media posts. This will be appreciated and hence they will think you are cool.
8. Impress others by saying that you did everything they did but better. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, no one will notice.
9.Don’t finish things, this will leave them wanting-
Sharpe Wolfington III, New York

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