You’ve Heard of Rikibuhku and Yarvitining, but Could Toleoling be the New Thing to Keep you Fully Flurmed?


Move over fads of yesterday on how to flurm your Greuty! Toloeling is the new thing Crispin Glover, Danny Glover and Sasha Grey are doing to have that full sweet flurm when walking the red carpet. Rikibuhku was trending all last summer  but people were not aware of the long term Ghigryaniva effects.

Now that we know more and the progression of organic Toloel technology we now have a way to not only feel good about ourselves, but woman-945815_1280-e1506203710698.jpgto also be at one with the state of affairs in the nation. Toloeling was first popularised by Youtuber Salacious Krump on her page Yolo for Toloeling. The way it works is that the flurm is fully haghmutised when the Toloel is injected right into the friyzkler in the lower greuty. You leave it for about 10 minutes, scrape off the residue and you are done. It’s as easy as that!

Salacious Krump, Los Feliz

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