(GIG DIARY) Camp Flog Gnaw: Day 1

Tyler the Creator, rapper, designer, director throws his sixth annual festival in the Los Angeles area at Exposition Park, “Camp Flog Gnaw 2017”.


I get woken up at 0730 by some frat boys next door in the house/hotel getting up excitedly and talking about their plans. Many dude’s, bra’s and ni**as are tossed around as they yell-debate (or yeall-abate) their itinerary for that day. I eventually sleep another hour and get up and ready.


Festival opens up at 12 so I leave at 11 o’clock and saunter up as it’s close by where I am staying, in South Central L.A. I get there and the line is moving along swiftly, people are excited, colorfully dressed to the nines. Skinny nerds, jocks, eclectic couples and semi-dressed women amicably wander through, occasionally throwing out high fives.

I get in and head straight for the merch tent but the line is already insane and stretches out at least 100 deep. Its 100 degrees (which I do not know in Celcius but its a lot and felt like a fitting number). Cut to 1 hr 15 mins later, I get my stuff finally and go to see the lay of the land.

There are rides and games all around with Tyler’s GOLF emblem on it, his brand and design empire.


After mostly failing but yet occasionally winning some carny games, I go check out some bands with official merch in hand.

First band I see is BROCKHAMPTON, a collective much like an early Odd Future, a bunch of misfit kids full of crazy energy and heart.  They blew me away with their 6 member member collective swagger, all in blue face paint, mixing old school hip hop, LGBT issues cult cinema references and skate aesthetics.

They came together on an internet forum and are the worlds first internet based boy band. Here they are passed out on stage as they segway into a ballad by one of the members.


Next up the beautiful gazelle like alien entity Syd. Original Odd Future wrangler and lead of the seminal band ‘The Internet”. She laid down many of their beats producing and singing, their first collective recording area with Tyler et al. was in her living room. Syd the Kid performs solo for the first time at CFG and absolutely kills it with her presence and smooth flavour. The edible I took a while prior kicks in and I feel contented.

Mac Miller I wasn’t too aware of, but was great nonetheless with his full backing band getting me and the crowd jumping with its border heavy metal intensity. And last but not least. Tyler. He walks out onto a platform that raises. I was finally good to go, up at the front, having been waiting there for three hours. I dove into the swirling groups of people, dangerous at first and raucous and then suddenly controlling the crowd and settling it like playing a stringed instrument. I dared not take out my phone, I didn’t want to cheapen the almost sermon like performance by of my heroes. Overcome with emotion I start to feel my throat drying, I am out of water and have not drank anything that wasn’t alcohol in 3 hours. I feel my throat close and try and grasp for moisture.  It can’t find any and is starting to become an issue. I stumble out and and swim up the sea of people towards a vendor and find a bottle of water. It get that sweet hit of clarity, right as I am about to start choking and boom my ass hits the floor as my legs give way. I had been walking around nonstop all day and finally bottomed out. I recover for a and sit there until “Who Dat Boy?” comes on and supercharges my adrenaline. I dance for a couple more songs, eventually getting back into the fray to party it out till the end of his set.

Boom, I get out, I get an UBER back and as we pass Lana Del Ray is singing me off home from the main stage. The driver takes me to a Carl’s Jr. drive through, I get a lettuce wrapped burger and fries. I get back to the staffless house/hotel I am staying at, take a shower and have my meal.


The fries are surprisingly good. As I sit down to write this, listening to musicians I had heard that day. I hear the unmistakable sound of gun shots nearby. Two different calibers shooting at each other, then a machine gun rattles in the night authoritatively, making everything go deathly quiet.  I down more life giving cold water and quickly pass out, giving my body some much needed rest.

-End of Day 1-


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